How to get there by car?

To get to Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos with GPS you have to first locate the soccer field of «La Batllòria».
Search in google maps: «Camp Municipal de La Batllòria».
When you reach this point, you will have to travel along the dirt road next to the soccer field until you find a bridge with a traffic light.
Cross the bridge and turn left.
At this point you can locate the rural house.
Search in google maps: «Rural House Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos».
The dirt road is 4km (15 minutes approximately).
Next we publish a video with the whole route from the traffic light bridge to the rural house.

Do not search for «Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos Rural House» the first time, because the google maps browser does not indicate the path well. Always go through the field of fulbol of the batllòria.